This is an incredible formula that I found in my Grandma’s formula book. According to the endured look of this formula card, this was a family top pick.


             1 ½ cups generally useful flour

             3 ½ teaspoons preparing powder

             1 teaspoon salt

             1 tablespoon white sugar

             1 ¼ cups milk

             1 egg

             3 tablespoons spread, liquefied


Directions Checklist

             Step 1In a huge bowl, filter together the flour, preparing powder, salt and sugar. Make a well in the middle and pour in the milk, egg and softened margarine; blend until smooth.

             Step 2Heat a delicately oiled frying pan or skillet over medium high warmth. Pour or scoop the player onto the iron, utilizing around 1/4 cup for every hotcake. Earthy colored on the two sides and serve hot.

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