West African enlivened chicken nut curry, with lime, coriander seed, onion, cilantro, mint, ginger, bean stew, peanuts, and chicken.

The motivation for this formula originates from a West African soup formula in Nancie McDermott’s The Curry Book. With somewhat less stock and much more chicken you have an extraordinary nut curry dish.

Control the degree of hotness you need with the measure of stew. We didn’t have serranos when we made this, and we needed it exceptionally hot so we utilized 4 new enormous jalapeños rather than the 2 serranos called for in the accompanying formula.

The lime, coriander seed, onion, cilantro, mint, ginger, stew, and nut join magnificently.

Chicken Peanut Curry Recipe


             3 pounds boneless, skinless chicken pieces (or you can utilize bone-in for included flavor), cut into 1/2 inch wide lumps or strips

             2/3 cup generally useful flour

             4 tablespoons yellow curry powder

             1 1/2 teaspoons ocean salt

             1/2 teaspoon newly ground peppercorns

             1/3 cup additional virgin olive oil

             2 tablespoons new ginger, minced

             2 tablespoons garlic, minced

             2 serrano stew peppers, cultivated, de-veined, minced

             4 cups chicken stock

             2/3 cup nutty spread (if utilizing newly ground peanuts, include 2 teaspoons of sugar)

             1 teaspoon ground coriander seeds

             8 green onions, cleaved, greens included

             1/3 cup each finely cleaved mint and cilantro

             3 tablespoons lime juice


1 Coat chicken pieces in prepared flour: Rinse chicken and wipe off. In an enormous bowl, consolidate the flour, curry powder, salt and pepper. Throw the chicken pieces to cover.

2 Sauté chicken pieces: Heat oil in an enormous, hefty pot or Dutch broiler on medium high warmth. Include chicken pieces in bunches, being mindful so as to not swarm the container. Cook 2-4 minutes for each side, or until the covering sets and browns a bit. Eliminate the chicken from the pot as it cooks and put aside in a bowl.

3 Build curry base with ginger, garlic, bean stew, stock, nutty spread: When the chicken has all been carmelized, include the ginger, garlic, stew pepper and 1/2 cup of the chicken stock to the pot. Cook for a moment or two, scratching the dish with a spatula and mixing to consolidate everything great.

Race in the nutty spread, and the staying 3 1/2 cups of stock gradually, mixing constantly to keep up an even surface.

4 Add chicken to pot, stew: Return the chicken to the pot and stew for 15-25 minutes.

5 Serve with coriander and enhancements: Right before serving, include the ground coriander, cilantro, mint and green onions. Add salt and lime juice to taste. Present with rice.

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