Air pocket and squeak is impeccable early lunch and this one utilizes all your extra Christmas supper. We’ve done our own as individual parts, so you can serve them with what you like!

Prepared IN

an hour


55 minutes

Planning TIME

5 minutes




For the air pocket and squeak:

600 g potatoes, stripped weight, cut into lumps

200 g extra meal potatoes, generally cleaved

10 g margarine

125 g extra pancetta wrapped fledglings, divided

125 g extra cooked cabbage

150 g extra cooked root veg, generally cleaved

1 tbsp olive oil, in addition to extra for brushing

To serve:

6 Sainsbury’s Butcher’s Choice diminished fat wieners

6 eggs, poached

3 tomatoes, sliced down the middle

2 x 200g sacks spinach



Preheat the stove to 180°C/160˚C fan/gas mark 4. Carry an enormous container of water to the bubble. Include the potatoes and cook for 15 minutes, until delicate and delicate. Channel well, re-visitation of the skillet, at that point include the extra dish potatoes and spread. Season well at that point generally squash together.


Include the rest of the veg, and join everything together. Season well.


Delicately oil 12 biscuit tin cups and fill each with the air pocket and squeak blend. Softly brush each with a little oil and heat for 40 minutes or until brilliant and fresh.


To serve (discretionary): while the air pocket and squeaks are heating, cook the frankfurters and keep them warm. Poach the eggs in a huge dish of bubbling water. Wither the spinach in a huge dish at that point leave to deplete in a strainer set over a bowl to dispose of abundance water. Fry the tomatoes until brilliant and present with the air pocket and squeak, wieners and spinach.

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