Make this amazing beetroot terrine early for a tasty evening gathering starter. It just needs four fixings so making it is too straightforward, as well. To save money on squander, utilize the two extra beetroots from our beetroot sushi formula

Prepared IN

55 minutes, in addition to chilling time


10 minutes

Planning TIME

45 minutes




6 huge beetroots

3 x 125g packs goat’s cheddar

2 tbsp hacked new dill, in addition to extra to serve

1 tbsp toasted and generally slashed hazelnuts



Line a 20cm x 10cm portion tin with clingfilm, ensuring there is sufficient shade to cover the terrine totally.


Strip and trim the beetroot, at that point add to a heatproof bowl. Include a sprinkle of water, spread with clingfilm and microwave on high for 10-12 minutes until delicate.


Then, whip the goat’s cheddar and dill with a spatula until all around joined. Season with dark pepper to taste, at that point spread and chill.


Cautiously, utilizing a mandolin or extremely sharp blade, cut the cooked beetroot into 3-4mm cuts. Include a layer of beetroot cuts to the lower part of the tin – you may need to manage some to fit. Construct a layer around the sides too. Spread a far layer of the goat’s cheddar blend over the beetroot at the base, at that point spread with another layer of beetroot. Proceed until you arrive at the head of the tin and the goat’s cheddar is done. Get done with a last layer of beetroot, tucking the edges down into the sides of the tin for a flush edge. Spread with the overhanging clingfilm, at that point overload with tins or jars. Leave to chill in the refrigerator for finally 4 hours, ideally overnight.


Tip the terrine cautiously out of the tin and eliminate the clingfilm. Utilize a sharp blade to cut into cuts, at that point serve sprinkled with the nuts and held dill.

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