Chicken, pea and goat’s cheddar risotto

Delicious midweek dinner utilizing extra chicken

•             READY IN45 minutes

•             COOKING TIME30 minutes

•             PREP TIME15 minutes

•             SERVES4


•             1 tbsp olive oil

•             1 onion, finely hacked

•             2 cloves of garlic, finely hacked

•             350 g arborio risotto rice

•             1.75 liters chicken stock, produced using 2 stock 3D squares, hot

•             400 g solidified petit pois

•             300 g cooked dish chicken, attacked strips

•             70 g goats’ cheddar, disintegrated

•             1 small bunch basil leaves, to serve


1.            1

Include the onion and garlic, and sauté until delicate and clear. Mix in the rice and blend until covered done with the oil.

2.            2

Include a ladleful of the hot stock, blending ceaselessly until it’s assimilated. Rehash until everything except two spoons of stock remain – this should take around 25 minutes.

3.            3

Include the last 2 spoons of stock alongside the peas and cooked chicken. Mix to warm through. Dissipate over the goats’ cheddar and basil to serve.

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