Simple chocolate scones

Attempt this fundamental formula for safeguard rolls without fail. Make a group of chocolate chip treats, or adjust it to incorporate nuts, organic product or your #1 desserts


250g margarine, mollified

350g light delicate earthy colored sugar

2 enormous eggs

350g self-raising flour

100g cocoa powder

200g chocolate chips or cleaved chocolate pieces, or 400g for discretionary plunging (pick your #1 type)


Stage 1

Beat the spread and sugar along with a discretionary spot of ocean salt in a bowl until light and soft, at that point beat in the eggs each in turn. Filter over the flour and cocoa powder and beat into the margarine blend, at that point overlap through the chocolate chips. The blend can be made as long as 2 days ahead and chilled or solidified for a month, or utilized straight away.

Stage 2

To prepare, heat stove to 190C/170C fan/gas 5. On the off chance that the blend is at room temperature, place uniformly separated spoonfuls on material lined preparing sheets, permitting 2 tbsp for every treat. In the event that the blend is cooler cold, you can fold it into 40g balls before heating. The balls can be solidified and the rolls prepared from solidified, however they’ll require a couple of moments more. Prepare for 12-15 mins until spread out and hard around the outside. Leave to cool somewhat and appreciate warm, or leave to cool totally and eat cold. The rolls will keep in a tin for three days.

Stage 3

As a discretionary extra, the bread rolls can be dunked in chocolate. To do this, soften your picked sort of chocolate in a bowl over a dish of stewing water or in the microwave. Leave to cool a little, at that point plunge half of every bread in the chocolate and leave them on material lined plate some place cool to set. Once more, the plunged scones will keep for as long as three days in a tin or lidded plastic holder.

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