Chocolate porridge

Improve this chocolate porridge with dates for a topping breakfast to set you off for the afternoon. Enhanced with magnesium-rich cacao, it’s loaded with supplements


125g porridge oats

4 dates , stoned

500-600ml milk , any will work

1 tbsp cacao or great quality cocoa powder

yogurt and maple syrup, to serve (discretionary)


Stage 1

Mix a large portion of the oats and the dates in a food processor until you have a thick glue, adding a sprinkle of milk to enable the cutting edges to go round if fundamental. Scratch the blend into a pot and include the remainder of the oats, 500ml milk, the cacao and a spot of salt. Mix well and set over a low-medium warmth.

Stage 2

Mix the porridge from time to time for the following 5-10 mins, until it’s thick and rich – include a sprinkle more milk on the off chance that you favor a looser consistency. Present with a dab of yogurt and a shower of maple syrup, in the event that you like.

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