Dim chocolate and pistachio porridge

Dim chocolate and pistachios are a match made in paradise. This liberal breakfast bowl is easy to make and brimming with debauched flavors and surface


2 tbsp hacked pistachios

160g Quaker Rolled Oats

1 liter semi-skimmed milk

1 tbsp cocoa , sieved

50g dull chocolate


Stage 1

Warmth the pistachios in a huge pan over a medium warmth for 1-2 mins until delicately brilliant and smelling toasted. Tip onto a plate.

Stage 2

Put the Quaker Rolled Oats into the dish with the milk, cocoa, 200ml water and a little touch of salt. Cook over a medium warmth, persistently blending, for 5-6 mins until velvety and thick. Include a sprinkle more water on the off chance that you incline toward a more slender porridge.

Stage 3

Hold one square of chocolate and finely cleave the remaining. Mix the cleaved chocolate through the porridge until liquefied and the oats are a profound chocolatey tone. Spoon into four dishes, and top with the toasted pistachios. Mesh over the held chocolate and serve.

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